1. Can we use inflatable hot tubs in winters?

The bestĀ portable hot tubĀ pumps are strong enough to maintain maximum water temperature in ambient air temperatures that are below freezing so investing in these tubs are a good option.

2. From where I can purchase a good quality and affordable Inflatable hot tub?

If you want to purchase some quality hot tubs than you must check out on Amazon as they have amazing deals, best price and best quality. You can find any kind of hot tub, different dealers, sale prices and really good deals.

3. How much electricity does an inflatable hot tub use?

The consumption of the electricity depends on different factors like the water temperature, the quality of the hot tub you are using, energy efficient model, unit price you are paying etc.

4. How to heat up my hot tub faster?

You can use some of the smart methods like-

  • Make sure to leave the cover on as it is to help your hot tub heat quicker. With this smart trick you cannot let the heat escape from the surface of the water.
  • You can also fill the hot tub with warm water and enjoy your spa simply.
  • If you like to enjoy your time in hot tub and that too outside of your house than must place the portable hot tub in some sunny place.
  • Turning on the jets will also help you for circulation as you increase the temperature.
5. What is soft hot tub?

The origin of the soft tub was in America. These are light weighted, efficient and durable tubs. It utilizes the waste heat from the motor to heat the water. This option is more pocket friendly.

6. Can I put my hot tub on decking?

It is important to put your hot tub on a stable and solid surface and its one of the instruction requirement too. The best option of these portable hot tubs is that you can place them on different locations in your house like gardens or may be indoors but still choose a place that is solid.

7. How long do inflatable hot tubs last?

The average life of these hot tubs is 5-20 years approximately but I must say it also depends how much attention and care to pay to them.